Environmental Policy


888 Holdings plc - Environmental Policy 


Adopted by the 888 Holdings plc Board of Directors on ________ 


The Policy 


1. This environmental policy (the Policy) is intended to promote worldwide environmental awareness and health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.  


2. The Company has a responsibility for the environmental aspects of its operations on local and global environment and is committed to reducing them. The Company is committed to raising environmental awareness, legally and ethically, and to managing an environmental lifestyle in each of its sites worldwide. 


3. The Policy shall apply to all of the Company's sites.  


4. The Policy's values are to be implemented by the Company’s top management and all the employees within the organization.  


5. The Company is committed to helping its employees understand their personal environmental responsibilities, and how they can improve the Company's environmental performance. 


6. The Company implements environmental considerations in its daily and long-term decisions and activities. 


7. The Company strives to continually improve its environmental performance as an integral part of its business strategy. 


8. The Company has an environmentally low-impact business. However, it is aware of and recognize that some of its services, products and activities may have an impact on the environment such as energy consumption, wastes and greenhouse gas emissions and it is working to minimize this impact. In order to achieve this goal, the Company is taking the following steps, among others: 


o The Company monitors its environmental aspects in order to measure them and when required, reduce them; 

o The Company operates water and energy monitoring systems at its sites; o The Company promotes recycling and re-using of materials (such a paper and single use plastic reduction) by increasing awareness and providing the
   recycling infrastructure across our sites. 

o The Company implemented an advanced video conferencing system that would reduce the need for in person meetings, in conjunction with a planned reduction in scope of corporate travel.   

o The Company will engage and inspire employees, guests and business associates in the Israel and Romania sites to make positive impact on the environment, and integrate environmental messaging into our work environment. 

o The Company continues to monitor its performance and participates in disclosure schemes of environmental performance in order to keep track on environmental impacts and take actions accordingly.