Made for the Future - 888's ESG

888’s Made for the Future framework will support the Group's bigger and bolder ambitions, enabling it to deliver against its broader responsibilities and commitments as a business whilst also supporting its long-term, sustainable growth. This framework covers three key focus areas:

While enjoyable for many people, 888 acknowledges the social risks that gambling presents and is committed to ongoing improvement in making gambling safer. The Made to Play Safely pillar of the Group’s ESG Framework is focused on ensuring 888’s customers are empowered to make safe and responsible decisions about their betting and gaming, while supporting any customers who may be in danger of harm. Our philosophy is built around normalising the use of safer gambling tools by customers as part of their gambling experience.
The Group knows that the talent, commitment, and skill of its global teams make its business what it is. The Made Together pillar of the Group’s ESG framework is focused on nurturing an inclusive workplace that offers great opportunities for people to grow and develop. This pillar also incorporates the Group’s programmes to enhance diversity, provide opportunity, and invest in our communities.
888 acknowledges that the urgency and importance of the climate crisis requires everyone to play their part. The Group is committed to a future in which its customers can enjoy 888’s products without harming the environment. The Made Greener pillar of the Group’s ESG framework is focused on 888’s role in protecting the environment, including achieving net zero direct carbon emissions by 2030.

888 Principles

Underpinning this framework are our defining principles that guide activity across the business:

No ifs, no buts. We care for our customers, our colleagues and the communities where we operate.
We act with respect and fairness. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
We collaborate. Together we are safer, better and stronger.
We’re bold, proactive, ambitious and challenging. We don’t do things by halves. We enjoy what we do.


As an online business, 888’s activities have a relatively small impact on the environment when compared to a great number of companies that operate in more resource intensive industries. That said, we are committed to mitigating and minimising the environmental impact of our operations and aim to apply environmental considerations in our day-to-day operations and managerial decision-making from the administration of our sites, to our procurement and supply chain and to our overall vision.

Measuring and reducing the Group’s direct environmental impact, targeting carbon emissions in particular
Working with the Group’s largest suppliers and partners to encourage them to reduce their own carbon emissions
Supporting employees to travel in low-carbon ways
Investing in high quality carbon removal offset for any emissions that cannot be reduced in other ways 


1.	Promoting a fair, supportive, and positive working environment that enables 888’s people – and our business – to flourish
1. Promoting a fair, supportive, and positive working environment that enables 888’s people – and our business – to flourish
2.	Developing an inclusive culture rooted in respect, care and commitment as well as seeking diversity, supporting social mobility, and welcoming and developing talent wherever we find it
2. Developing an inclusive culture rooted in respect, care and commitment as well as seeking diversity, supporting social mobility, and welcoming and developing talent wherever we find it
3.	Engaging and supporting our local communities
3. Engaging and supporting our local communities

Engaging & Supporting our Local Communities

Every day we go to work as members of a wider community. At 888, we embrace our responsibility to our communities, local environments and the planet through proactive engagement with the issues that matter most to our business and the people around us.
Engagement with our communities is an important part of our DNA. For our employees to be able to engage in rich community life both in and out of work is an important factor of their wellbeing.

At the same time, we recognise that as a global employer with eight offices, our local communities can be our greatest advocates, particularly when it comes to recruiting the best talent available.

To maintain a positive relationship with our local communities across the world, we need to listen to local issues and understand how we can have a positive impact.

Gr8 People

We know that the talent, commitment and skill of our global teams makes our business what it is. The Made Together pillar of the Group’s ESG framework is focused on nurturing an inclusive workplace that offers great opportunities for people to grow and develop. This pillar also incorporates the Group’s programmes to enhance diversity, provide opportunity, and invest in our communities.

Our GR8 People programme encourages employees to be involved in community events, promote minority rights, participate in local charities, and volunteer their time to support the underprivileged.

Across our global offices, our teams support several charitable causes and organisations that matter to them and their communities.


888 has been a long-term supporter of Darna, a charity that provides a safe space for at young people at risk. As well as providing financial support, 888’s employees take place in regular bike rides with the children who are supported by the charity.


Children of light

888 is a proud supporter of Children of light, a charity that helps sufferers of the nevus skin condition along with their families. As well as providing financial support, 888 helps to develop the charity’s digital assets.

Children of light

180° Sport

The Group has been a long-term supporter of 180° Sport, a charity that helps to empower people with disabilities though sport.

180° Sport

Ruach Tova

The Group works with Ruach Tova, an organisation that enables 888’s teams to organize group volunteering and give back to their local communities.

Ruach Tova

Haver Dogs

888 is a proud supporter of Haver Dogs. As well as providing financial support, 888’s employees regularly volunteer and provide support at the dog shelter.

Haver Dogs

Hospital Volunteering
and Blood Donations

888sparkware are happy to contribute to the community by donating blood and volunteering at the local hospital.

Hospital Volunteering <br />
and Blood Donations

Corporate Governance

The Directors of 888 (the Directors) support high standards of corporate governance. 888 Holdings plc is admitted to the UK Official List and its shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange under a Premium Listing. As such, despite being incorporated in Gibraltar, the UK Corporate Governance Code (the ‘‘Code”) applies to the Company and is available at A new edition of the Code was published in July 2018 and applies to the Company from 2019. The Board remains committed to the principles of corporate governance in the Code which it considers to be central to the effective management of the business and to maintaining the confidence of investors.

The Directors consider it essential that the Company should be both led and controlled by an effective Board. The Board focuses upon the Group’s long term objectives, strategic and policy issues and formally and transparently considers the management of key risks facing the Group, as well as determining the nature and extent of significant risks it will take in achieving its strategic objectives, maintaining sound risk management and internal control systems and reviewing annually the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management and internal control systems.

The Board is responsible for acquisitions and divestments, major capital expenditure projects and considering Group budgets and dividend policy. The Board also determines key appointments. The Board receives regular updates on shareholders’ views. The Board has an established calendar of business. This covers the financial calendar, strategic planning, annual budgets and performance self-assessments, as well as the conduct of standing business. The calendar forms the basis for effective integration of business activities as between the Board and its principal Committees which individually consider their own operating frameworks against the Board’s business programme.

ESG Statements

888 places customers at the centre of all our endeavours. We constantly create new and innovative ways to create a caring, responsible and safe gaming environment.

888 aims to provide responsible adults with the best online gaming entertainment experience. However, we acknowledge the potential risk that the games may pose for a small minority of people.

888 continuously trains all staff and provides them with the skills and tools necessary to ensure a safe gaming experience for our customers. The training programme incorporates methods and techniques that assist all employees in recognising and taking appropriate actions when they identify compulsive or under-age gambling.

For further information on all aspects of safe gaming please see the Group’s latest Annual Report.

888 believes that businesses can play a constructive role in supporting basic human rights and wants its relationships with its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and its communities to reflect that belief. 888 works hard to ensure its policies comply not just with local law but that they also reflect 888’s core values. To that end, 888 sets clear standards of behaviour for Group personnel, including as regards social, ethical and environmental matters. In this respect, 888 is guided by the ten principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact – which encourage companies to make human rights, labour standards, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption part of their business agenda – as well as the International Labour Organization core conventions.

Fair labour standards constitute an important part of 888's commitments to its employees and to those involved in its supply chain. As a company and as a customer, 888 prohibits unlawful child labor and forced labor within its operations and within its supply chain. 888 is committed to fair compensation and working hours in line with local law and regulation – including, but not limited to, payment of minimum wage and overtime compensation, non-discrimination in matters of compensation, and respect for working-hour limitations and employees' off-duty time. Lastly, 888 respects its employees' right to a safe workplace consistent with applicable law and regulations and maintains proper policies in this regard at all of its sites. 888 also respects its employees' freedom of association, which includes, among other things, their right to collective representation where provided by local law.

888 has expressed these commitments in – among other places – its Anti-Modern Slavery Policy, its Anti-Bribery Policy, and its Code of Practice (which, among other things, expressly prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual's protected personal characteristics and whistleblower retaliation). Where appropriate, 888 has also published jurisdiction-specific employee policies adapting these principles – like non-discrimination and whistleblower protections – to local conditions. 888 will continue to look for and to evaluate opportunities for impacting positively access to basic human rights for those connected with its operations.

888 is not involved in political matters and does not make political donations.

888’s Board has adopted a policy for the prevention of the facilitation of tax evasion worldwide, in accordance with the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017, which is implemented in 888’s dealings with third parties including its business partners, in accordance with its comprehensive risk assessment.

As an online business, 888’s activities have a relatively small impact on the environment when compared to a great number of companies that operate in more resource intensive industries. That said, we are committed to mitigating and minimising the environmental impact of our operations and recognise the risks that climate change poses for our business in both the immediate and long-term. As such, we aim to apply environmental considerations in our day-to-day operations and managerial decision-making—from the administration of our sites to our procurement policies and implementation of our overall vision for the business.

To that end, we have adopted an Environmental Policy that sets out our company-wide environmental targets and our commitment to local environments and the health of our planet. To guide our policy, in 2019, we commissioned an independent evaluation of our GHG emissions

888 advocates for equal employment opportunities and equality in the terms of employment and wages of all its employees across all of its global sites. We continually monitor all employees’ salaries, irrespective of gender, in relation to the market salaries based on position, years of experience as well as education, skills, and performance.

The current distribution of female employees across functions and the percentage of women in Group management positions drives our current gender pay gap. Along with consistent monitoring of these asymmetries within the business, we are proactively addressing this situation through our recruitment processes and support for diverse talent within the business. We are confident that all male and female colleagues are paid equally for comparable roles, and that all our colleagues have the same opportunities for progression and development.

As part of the Made Together pillar of our ESG framework, we have set ambitious targets around increasing the number of women in senior management roles, and we have a range of internal development programs for women that seek to address this.

Our Israel based subsidiary, Random Logic Ltd, is required to publicly report on its gender pay gap as part of Israel’s equal pay law. In accordance with the legislation, we divided employees into 13 groups with similar characteristics: jobs, ranks, and departments, to accurately assess whether there are pay gaps between women and men performing similar work.

We are pleased to announce that our 2021 review showed a balanced gender pay, with gaps ranging from 4% in favor of women to 5% in favor of men, but predominantly in line, particularly within the larger groups of employees. In addition, there were no or negligible pay gaps between women and men in similar job roles.

We are proud of our 2021 results that clearly show gender pay equality in the company. As a company, we pledge to continue our efforts to ensure gender equality in terms of employment, career development, and advancement.

888 processes a large quantity of personal customer data, including sensitive data. We are acutely aware of the risks of wrongful access by employees, customers, suppliers or third parties, as well as loss, disclosure or improper processing of such data in breach of data protection regulations.

888 has a designated internal Data Protection Officer (DPO) as well as policies and procedures in key areas, including user rights, data retention, data sharing and security. We regularly review all relevant aspects of our products and IT systems to ensure the business is in full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our policies and procedures are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis to align with the most up-to-date regulatory guidelines.

888 has also put in place contractual measures for data sharing, its data security framework and the deployment of privacy notices and customer notifications.

We believe 888 is stronger and more competitive for the diverse experiences, perspectives, and abilities that its employees bring to work each day. 888 is committed to equal opportunity employment and will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.

As an equal opportunity employer, 888 bases all decisions about employment, training, and promotion solely on an individual’s merit and the Company’s operational needs, not on an individual’s protected characteristics. “Protected characteristics” include, for example, an individual’s sex (including pregnancy status), age, race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability status – but also encompass any personal characteristic that is protected under applicable local law. 888 is also committed to accommodating individuals within its workforce who have a disability – both as employees and as applicants – in line with local law.

888 also strictly prohibits any conduct that discriminates against or harasses a person based on that person’s protected characteristics. This prohibition applies to 888 employees, but also to its contractors, vendors, third-party agents, and customers. We have zero tolerance for such conduct – in addition to being unlawful, it undermines our values and business objectives.

To further these commitments, 888 adopted a written Board diversity policy. When seeking to recruit new Non-Executive Directors to the Board, the Nominations Committee considers the benefits of all aspects of diversity – including, but not limited to, age, gender, and educational and professional backgrounds. Through this policy, 888 works to ensure that Board appointments are based on merit but also that the company benefits from the advantages associated with a board containing diverse persons and viewpoints. Where appropriate, 888 will take steps to identify and to remove unnecessary or unjustifiable barriers. 888 is also actively monitoring gender diversity at multiple organizational levels and looking to improve levels of gender diversity within its overall workforce.

888 has established procedures for reporting incidents of workplace discrimination or harassment. We encourage and expect any employee who experiences or witnesses workplace discrimination or harassment to report it immediately. We will investigate every complaint and take remedial action where appropriate. 888 will not retaliate against an employee or anyone else for complaining about or reporting discrimination or harassment in good faith.

888 is committed to operating with integrity and complying with all applicable anti-corruption legislation. We have a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

888’s Anti-Bribery Policy is in line with international standards including Transparency International’s Business Principles for Countering Bribery, and has been adopted by its Board of Directors, with a Compliance Officer appointed to ensure due administration of the policy under the supervision of the Audit Committee.

The policy is comprehensive, applying to 888 Holdings plc and all its subsidiaries worldwide. It incorporates our gifts and hospitality policy, as well as our whistleblowing policy, whilst applying a broad definition of bribery and corruption that includes the prohibition of facilitation payments and prohibition of corruption involving non-governmental as well as governmental entities.

Under the policy, 888 engages with all our business partners in order to ensure communication of the policy and due supervision of their activities, with particular scrutiny given to the use of intermediaries and engagement with governmental entities.

Our policy is communicated to employees and appropriate training is carried out on an ongoing basis.

No fines have been imposed on 888 due to corruption issues, and no staff have been disciplined or dismissed due to corruption issues.

888 believes that it has a social responsibility to ensure that its business dealings are ethical. 888 works to promote a marketplace that does not tolerate social abuses or unethical business. In line with 888’s commitments, 888 provides a framework for employees, business partners and others with whom 888 does business to come forward and communicate concerns about 888’s compliance with its corporate social responsibility policies.

If you wish to report a concern, or if you have any other queries, you can send an anonymous enquiry HERE. We recommend that you send a detailed description and please attach relevant documents if possible. If you wish to send an e-mail including your name and contact details, you may do so in the following e-mail address - You are urged to identify yourself so that we can contact you for mere additional information necessary for appropriate review of your disclosure.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a heinous crime and 888 Holdings plc and its subsidiaries (the “Group”/“we”) believe that businesses have a vital role to play in tackling the issue. The Group is dedicated to creating a corporate culture and ethic where business is conducted with honesty and integrity and everyone is treated with dignity and respect. It is for this reason that the Group has zero tolerance to, and is committed to ensuring that it is not complicit in, any forms of slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking (“Modern Slavery”). Similarly, we expect the same commitment from all of our employees, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners.

This statement has been published pursuant to section 54(1) of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes the slavery and human trafficking statement for the Group for the financial year ending 31 December 2017. It has been approved by the Group’s Board of Directors and will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and to ensure the Group’s continued adherence to the active eradication of any form of modern slavery in its direct operations and in the indirect operations of its supply chain.

The Group has decided that it will ensure, as a matter of company policy, in all of its internal workings as well as business with its suppliers, that relevant checks and balances are implemented, to prevent any form of Modern Slavery. It has created a specific policy and related supporting procedures to ensure this policy is implemented and upheld.

Risk Assessment

As part of the adoption of such an Anti-Modern Slavery Policy, the Group has determined and is implementing various risk assessment measures to prevent Modern Slavery practices both in its operations and through its supply chain (including, but not limited to, the provision of a letter to suppliers outlining the Group’s policy, inclusion of relevant representations and provisions in supplier contracts and satisfactory completion of due diligence questionnaire if deemed required in the circumstances).

In 2017, the Group initiated a ‘risk assessment’ of its supply chain to check where any possible risk areas may exist, in terms of Modern Slavery. Whilst the company is an entertainment business and in general, our workforce is highly skilled due to the technical and highly regulated nature of our offering, and we have a relatively small supply chain compared to other businesses, particularly due to an emphasis on our online presence – the Group felt it necessary to nonetheless conduct this important risk assessment. Additionally, the Group constantly ensures its employee and supply contracts are prepared and checked by local legal counsel, to ensure adherence to important local laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions in which the Group has a business presence.

Additionally, we have a whistleblowing policy in place to ensure that our employees and contractors can voice any concerns about Modern Slavery without fear of repercussion. The Group also has a detailed Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy which provides relevant guidelines and procedures to employees about the importance of ensuring an honest and ethical business and appropriate engagement with third parties, including agents and suppliers.

Training, awareness and monitoring

This statement will be periodically disseminated to employees and will be available on the Group’s website and intranet. The Group’s company secretary has been charged with identifying relevant staff to whom specialized training in such matters will be conducted (specifically those involved in the Group’s supply chains) – and such training will be rolled out in 2018. We commit to continually review our business and supply chain to identify any areas which may be at risk of contravening the Modern Slavery Act and take the necessary steps to mitigate any risks identified. This statement has been approved by the Group’s Board of Directors and is signed by our Chief Executive Officer on its behalf.

Itai Pazner,
CEO 888 Holdings plc