Corporate Governance

The Directors of 888 (the Directors) support high standards of corporate governance. 888 Holdings plc is admitted to the UK Official List and its shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange under a Premium Listing. As such, despite being incorporated in Gibraltar, the UK Corporate Governance Code as published in 2012 (the ‘‘Code”) applies to the Company and is available at A new edition of the Code was published in September 2014 and applies to the Company from 2015. The Board remains committed to the principles of corporate governance in the Code which it considers to be central to the effective management of the business and to maintaining the confidence of investors.
The Directors consider it essential that the Company should be both led and controlled by an effective Board. The Board focuses upon the Group’s long term objectives, strategic and policy issues and formally and transparently considers the management of key risks facing the Group, as well as determining the nature and extent of significant risks it will take in achieving its strategic objectives, maintaining sound risk management and internal control systems and reviewing annually the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management and internal control systems. The Board is responsible for acquisitions and divestments, major capital expenditure projects and considering Group budgets and dividend policy. The Board also determines key appointments. The Board receives regular updates on shareholders’ views. The Board has an established calendar of business. This covers the financial calendar, strategic planning, annual budgets and performance self-assessments, as well as the conduct of standing business. The calendar forms the basis for effective integration of business activities as between the Board and its principal Committees which individually consider their own operating frameworks against the Board’s business programme.