The Group’s ESG framework, focused on its People, Players and Planet, will support its bigger and bolder ambitions, enabling it to deliver against its broader responsibilities and commitments whilst supporting long-term, sustainable growth.



While enjoyable for many, the Group acknowledges the social risks that gambling presents and is committed to improving gambling safety. This pillar of the Group's ESG framework focuses on ensuring that customers are empowered to make safe and responsible decisions about their betting and gaming while supporting any customers in danger of harm. Our philosophy is built around normalising customers' use of safer gambling tools as part of their gambling experience.

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We know that the talent, commitment and skill of our global teams make our business what it is. This pillar of the Group's ESG framework focuses on nurturing an inclusive workplace that offers excellent opportunities for people to grow and develop. This pillar also incorporates the Group's programmes to enhance diversity, provide opportunity and invest in our communities.

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The Group acknowledges that the urgency and importance of the climate crisis requires everyone to play their part. 888 Holdings is committed to a future in which customers can continue to enjoy its products without harming the environment. This pillar of the Group’s ESG framework focuses on 888’s role in protecting the environment, including achieving net zero direct carbon emissions by 2030.

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