The Group acknowledges that the urgency and importance of the climate crisis requires everyone to play their part.

888 Holdings is committed to a future in which customers can continue to enjoy its products without harming the environment. This pillar of the Group’s ESG framework focuses on our role in protecting the environment, including achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

4 priority initiatives to net zero

Action over direct emissions

  • Urgently cut direct emissions by 80% by 2030.
  • Principally actioned through increasinguse of renewable electricity.

Partner responsibility

  • By 2025 vendors representing 60% of our third party supplier spend should have carbon reduction plans in place and these plans will be targeting an 80% reduction in their emissions by 2035.

Include our employees

  • Encourage greener transport for employees on business and commuting - targeting a reduction of 80% in emissions from these categories by 2035.

Carbon removal offsets

  • Invest in high quality carbon removals for the remaining 20% of our direct emissions by 2030 and invest in high quality carbon removals for the remaining indirect emissions by 2035.