Across 888 Holdings’ brands, we strive to create an environment that offers the most enjoyable experience for customers and recognise that being uncompromising on safer gambling lies at the heart of this.

While enjoyable for many, the Group acknowledges the social risks that gambling presents and is committed to improving gambling safety. This pillar of the Group's ESG framework focuses on ensuring the Group's customers are empowered to make safe and responsible decisions about their betting and gaming while supporting any customers who may be in danger of harm. Our philosophy is built around normalising customers' use of safer gambling tools as part of their gambling experience.

We leverage our unique technology and analytics expertise to underpin our progress against each of these commitments. We also make investments in our business to ensure continuous progress and work closely with relevant stakeholders, including regulators, industry bodies and charities, which share our vision for the continuous improvement of standards across the industry.

Our efforts are focused around four principles:


Safer by design

We recognise that we must use technology as a force for good, giving customers transparency about their gambling activity, using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and block harmful play, and ensuring safer gambling remains a core component of all product design.


Safer by choice

We know that we must continue to empower customers to make safe and responsible decisions about their gambling. We have learned that engaging with customers directly on their playing patterns is a very powerful way to support, inform and encourage the use of safer gambling tools.

We provide customers with a range of safer gambling tools which include deposit limits, "take-a-break" restrictions, self-exclusion limits, game time reminders and automatic stops on maximum losses.


Safer through controls

We recognise the power of using data to provide oversight and support for those struggling to stay in control of their play, including limiting players’ activity or stopping them from playing.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process to understand and verify a player’s identity when they first register with us. At registration, we collect personal identification data on customers (this data is also used in anti-money laundering (AML) controls) in order to achieve our goals of preventing underage gambling as well as protecting customers by identifying those potentially at risk of harm and interacting with them at the earliest point. AML is enforced through a combination of robust operational procedures, ongoing employee assessment and training, development in propriety technology, and partnerships with leading third-party providers.


Safer together

We recognise our responsibility to play an active role in driving the broader gambling industry towards safer play. We continue to recognise the importance of working closely and collaboratively with industry stakeholders, including regulators, local advisors and trade associations, to drive ongoing improvements in safer gambling and customer protection.

We continue to work closely with several charities and organisations aimed at protecting customers and supporting safer gambling.