Our efforts are focused around three principles:


Instil safer gambling principles across the player base and with colleagues to help prevent gambling related harm before it occurs.

Education and awareness: Ensure players know the risks of gambling and normalise discussions about safer gambling. We also strive to ensure colleagues are informed about the potential risks a small proportion of our players can face from using our products, so they are better positioned to identify vulnerable players and prevent the risk of harm.

Safer gambling tools: Drive mass adoption of safer gambling tools that help players control spend and provide alerts regarding their betting behaviour.


Use best in-class proprietary and third party technology to identify risky players quickly.

Monitoring of markers of harm: Timely analysis of player behaviour to highlight potential risk factors.

Personalised risk profiling: We want to ensure players get an individualised gambling experience that relates to them directly.



Interact with players at different risk levels at the right time using the right contact method.

Human: We carry out thousands of one-to-one interactions with our players on a daily basis. We want our colleagues to have the best training available to ensure they are in the best position to deliver meaningful and impactful interactions.

Automated: We are a business of scale that has millions of players around the world. In order to effectively communicate with such a large player base, we must have a scalable technology solution to be able to interact with our players at multiple points in their gambling journey.