To lead the gambling world in creating the best betting and gaming experiences, bringing unrivalled moments of excitement to people’s day-to-day lives. We achieve this by developing state-of-the-art technology and content‑rich products that provide fun, fair and safe betting and gaming entertainment to customers worldwide.

Strategic priority 1: Integration

Following 888’s acquisition of the non-US assets of William Hill, as an enlarged Group we are focused on the successful integration of our two highly complementary businesses to unlock the significant benefits of this combination. This includes the delivery of our new, streamlined operating model for the future, the integration of our key technological capabilities and teams, and the delivery of a number of synergies and cost optimisation opportunities. Successful integration will give us a strong platform for future growth.

Strategic priority 2: Market focus

888 has rapidly grown its presence in key regulated markets with great success and as an enlarged Group we continue to focus on investing our resources in the markets with the most attractive opportunities, where we can deliver superior returns. Using our sophisticated framework, we have a strong understanding of the addressable market opportunities to guide focus on clear market archetypes and generate sustainable growth. Our market archetypes are:

Core markets: UK, Italy, and Spain.

Build sustainable market leading positions in highly attractive markets, through delivering and strengthening our competitive advantages

Market dynamics:
These are all markets with tightening regulations and rising barriers to entry, where our starting position is strong

Growth markets: A small set of high growth markets

Grow rapidly through disrupting the markets and building on strong initial positions. Across this group of markets our focus is going deeper, reinvesting all our underlying profitability into growth investments

Market dynamics:
These are all regulated markets, but are less mature than our core markets, primarily due to recent regulatory changes

Optimise markets: A global portfolio of 100+ countries

Use our global and scalable platform to provide our products to players in a cost-efficient manner in both regulated and offshore markets. Using our brands, technology and services to provide first-class experiences while generating profitable returns

Market dynamics:
These are markets where either the opportunity is not compelling, or our assets don’t currently give us the chance to be a top-3 player

Pipeline markets: A long pipeline of exciting future growth markets

Leveraging our expertise to unlock future potential through a range of partnerships, and in time, local M&A. For example our joint venture agreement with a group of industry veterans to form 888AFRICA, focused on regulated African markets with exciting potential

Market dynamics:
These are markets or regions where there is an attractive growth opportunity, but where we need a different model to unlock this opportunity

The Group’s market share gains will be underpinned by our sources of sustainable competitive advantage, which act as strategic enablers. These are product and content leadership, world-class brands and customer excellence.

Product and content leadership

888’s proprietary technology across all products provides a clear strategic advantage for the enlarged Group over our competitors, and enables complete flexibility over the user experience. Our focus on clear product development principles allows us to offer best-in-class products, differentiated content and AI-powered personalisation.

Consumer technology businesses, from media and entertainment to travel and banking, are consistently innovating and raising standards. Customer expectations of what good product and technology look like constantly evolve, and the Group benchmarks itself against both its direct competitors and the broader digital entertainment landscape to ensure a consistently high quality of product.

World-class brands

The Group owns and operates some of the most recognised betting and gaming brands in our core and growth markets, including William Hill, 888, and Mr Green . We harness the power of our world-renowned brands, together with our highly effective, automated and flexible data-driven marketing machine, to acquire, retain and engage customers in a unique way.

Our distinctive and differentiated brands offer a unique ability to offer tailored and personalised products to different groups of players within the same market, ensuring we are capable of catering to a diverse set of customer needs, supporting our market share gains.

Customer excellence

Understanding customer needs and building our product, marketing, and offers to create the best experiences possible is critical to our growth plans.

A key part of our relentless focus on customer experience is delivering quick and effective customer service. We are investing in this area all the time and through integration will be able to improve customer service even more, including increased automation and making use of our market leading chatbot.

In doing all of this we use technology as a force for good and focus on creating the safest possible gambling experience.


People, Players, Planet

Our strategic framework is underpinned by robust corporate governance and our clear ESG framework. We are focused on building a sustainable business for the future built on three pillars: people, players and planet.

Our approach